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Ian Dickinson originates from South West England, where he still has a home. Since 1995 he has divided his time between his main home in Berlin, Germany and the UK. Since 2017 he has dual British-German citizenship.

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Showreel 2023 - English and German

Ian Dickinson Showreel 2023
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Ian has appeared on various stages in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, London and Plymouth, performing both in German and English, including leading roles in works by Beckett, Berkhoff, Pinter and Wilde. Ian has also directed and produced for his own theatre company. He was a guest actor at both the ‘Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin’ (1998-99) and the ‘Deutsches Theater, Berlin’ (2003-08).

Television and film credits include; 'Das weisse Haus am Rhein' (Thorsten Schmidt), 'The Keeper', (Marcus H. Rosenmüller), ‘Passion’ (Brian De Palma), ‘Die dunkle Seite des Mondes’ (Stephan Rick), ‘The Physician’ (Philipp Stölzl), ‘The Power’ (Paul Hills), ‘Person To Person’ (Wim Wenders), ‘Fay Grim’ (Hal Hartley), ‘V For Vendetta’ (James McTeigue), ‘Der Verleger’ (Bernd Böhlich) and Grimme prize winner ‘Paul Is Dead’ (Hendrik Handloegten).

For a full list of theatre, film and television credits click here